PlanMember Financial Centers

Growing your business, reaching new markets. A partnership for success.

The PlanMember Financial Center Model
PlanMember Financial Centers function like independently owned and operated agencies. Most owners come to us as successful advisors or leaders of a group who have already established a unique and known local brand. Seeking to expand into a more entrepreneurial practice, PlanMember provides them with that opportunity by acting as a partner that helps them achieve and accelerate their business objectives.

Financial Centers leverage PlanMember’s national brand and growing network of employers. Co-branding enables Financial Centers to increase their footprint, build distribution for PlanMember’s employer group relationships and customer base, expand market access and increase revenue.

Financial Center Opportunities
For Well-Qualified Advisor Entrepreneurs: PlanMember can help highly motivated agency heads who have already achieved a certain level of success establish their owner-operated, co-branded PlanMember Financial Center. The alliance can help increase income and long-term enterprise value. By maximizing the attributes and assets of an independent brand and practice, co-branding fortifies those strengths with PlanMember’s infrastructure and comprehensive advisor and partner support. Learn more.

For Advisors and Small Groups: Joining a PlanMember Financial Center team is the right move for advisors interested in being part of a winning team while remaining completely independent. In addition to accessing leads and new sources of revenue, an advisor who joins a PlanMember Financial Center team may be able to increase their income and the value of their own fee-based practice with the support of an executive leader and PlanMember’s well-developed infrastructure for advisor training. Learn more.